WHAT TO WEAR WHEN: You Are a Dryad Stranded in the Concrete Jungle
 You sturdy, voluptuous baobab! You elegant silver-skinned birch! (No, no, we said BIRCH.) Enjoy your urban adventure. Here’s what we’d recommend.
  • A slinky green dress, its sway and cling reminiscent of the whispery shift of your leaves in sunlight, is de rigeur. The late-summer mossy green of this TIBI shift is almost universally flattering, although depending on your genus, you may want to go with a color closer to your natural foliage.
  • If you’re a conifer or otherwise evergreen, you may not worry too much about fluctuations in temperature — but those of us who are deciduous have to take it into account. Layer a pretty dress with a classic trench, like this one from Opening Ceremony, for a look that’s as sophisticated as it is adaptable.
  • Remember that, whatever your size, the woody makeup of your fairy bones makes you less dense than ordinary humans! To keep from being tugged around by the wind — and to counterbalance the floatiness of your frock — weigh yourself down with a big statement necklace from Hervé Van der Straeten. This one is reminiscent of falling leaves, without being too literal.
  • Cutout booties protect your delicate human feet from city hazards like broken glass and syringes, while still letting you feel the good air on your soles.
  • Okay, we couldn’t resist getting a little literal. This delicate, gorgeous Aurelie Bidermann bracelet is modeled after a rose twig.
  • Not actually pictured here, but highly recommended: a set of ethereal lingerie by a designer like La Fée Verte or The Lake and Stars.

  • Perfect. Like being clothed only in the fresh, clean light of your home glades in spring.